COSIRES-10, Poland


The conference will be held at the Conference Centre "Auditorium Maximum" located at Krupnicza 35 street, 5 minutes walking time to the Old City area. This is a modern conference complex. Among other amenities, participants will have a free wireless access to the Internet.

Location of the conference center is marked by a green arrow.

Auditorium Maximum

Simplified street map indicating conference venue and hotel locations can be downloaded from here. Satelite views of the conference venue area can be downloaded from here and here. Krakow city centre map can be downloaded from here. All maps are in pdf format.


[title=Krakow is a city of approximately one million people in the very heart of Europe. Being Poland's former capital, the cradle and Pantheon of Polish kings, it is also a city of learning with one of the oldest universities in Europe. Krakow is a city of both museums and youth: a city of one hundred fifty thousand university students. It is a city of meetings, festivals and conferences. The city of cafes and restaurants that enchant all those who even for a moment set foot in its old town. The city has eluded destruction since the Tartar raid of 1241. Thus, Krakow has preserved its original body of structure and buildings. The functionality of its thirteenth-century urban plan is proven by the fact that it still works today! Cultural, administrative and commercial life is focused around Krakow's 40,000-square-meter town square, the largest one in Europe.

More information about the city and current cultural activities can be found here.

A list of some interesting places to see in the city and near Krakow can be found here.

Some pdf booklets for visitors in Krakow and Malopolska district can be downloaded from here. After entering this website click cover page photo to download PDF file with The Visitor Malopolska present edition.


Next conference

COSIRES2012 will be organized at Santa Fe, USA

28 July 2010

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27 July 2010

Manuscript submission deadline is July 31, 2010. (see Proceedings)

23 July 2010

Conference photo can be downloaded from Photo.

Conference sponsors

Jagiellonian University

The International Atomic Energy Agency