COSIRES-10, Poland

COSIRES 2010 - Kraków/Poland

COSIRES2010 will be held at the Collegium Maximum Auditorium in Kraków, Poland from July 19 - 23, 2010. The biennial conference is a major international forum to present and discuss the recent achievements in the advanced computer modeling of surface and bulk phenomena stimulated by all forms of irradiation. Fundamental understanding of these phenomena is often not accessible by experiments, since they occur on very small time and length scales. A vigorous development of both computer hardware and theoretical methodologies which has occurred in recent years has pushed the field into the forefront of a modern science.

At exactly the same time, another surface-related conference, namely International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids, ICACS24, will be also held in Kraków. As ICACS conference is oriented more toward experimental research, having these two conferences together opens a unique opportunity to bring together researchers doing experiments, theory and simulations. Therefore, the organizers of COSIRES and ICACS have decided to held these two meetings in parallel, in the same location. Main activities of both conferences will be synchronized. Although participants will only be able to present results at their primary conference, they will be welcomed to attend the lectures of their choice from both meetings.

Low student's conference fee and inexpensive housing at University dormitories are provided to strongly encourage students to participate in the meeting.

We cordially invite you to attend COSIRES2010 in Kraków. We hope that you will enjoy not only the scientific atmosphere during the conference, but also a beautiful city with its outstanding cultural heritages and current cultural activities.

The Chairman of COSIRES2010

Prof. Zbigniew Postawa


Next conference

COSIRES2012 will be organized at Santa Fe, USA

28 July 2010

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27 July 2010

Manuscript submission deadline is July 31, 2010. (see Proceedings)

23 July 2010

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Conference sponsors

Jagiellonian University

The International Atomic Energy Agency